Terms & Conditions

1. The website www.yellowpillow.gr is an online store for the distribution and distribution of products and services via the Internet, created by the company called DAVIOY ELENI CONSTRUCTION AND TRADE OF CUSHIONS AND MATERIALS with the distinctive title "YELLOW PILLOW". which is based in Ilioupoli, Attiki (30, Andreas Papandreou Street, 16345, Ilioupoli, Attiki), with the registration number 047452591 and the Tax Office. Ilioupoli as legitimately represented, tel. 210-9712577 & 210-9951472 (hereafter the "Company").

2. The following terms and conditions will apply to the use of the Company's e-shop located at www.yellowpillow.gr and the services or products provided by the Company through it. Any User who enters the online store and makes use of the services or products of the online store www.yellowpillow.gr is deemed to consent to and expressly and unconditionally accepts both the following Terms of Use of the online store and the Special Terms of Use of the individual Services he has put or intend to put the Company in the future for the operation and use of both its online store www.yellowpillow.gr and the provided Services or Products. If a User does not agree with these Terms of Use, he must refrain from re-using the e-shop and from any transaction with it.

3. The User and / or any User Service Representative of the Company's Services as well as the Visitor to the website www.yellowpillow.gr will hereinafter be referred to as the "User", whether or not he makes an order for services or products from the Company .

4. The online store of the Company is available in Greece, and e-shop contracts can be drafted in Greek and / or English. With language selection, you automatically state that you understand it (writing and reading).

5. The online store of the Company is addressed to persons with full legal capacity. It is forbidden to use the online store by minors. The Company is not responsible for any use of its online store by Users that do not meet the above properties.

6. The Services and Products of the Company as well as the contractual terms and conditions for the provision thereof contained in the Website www.yellowpillow.gr may be replaced / modified / revoked at any time by the Company at its sole discretion and in accordance with the applicable law.

6. The Company may not provide any warranty for the availability of the products, but warrants timely information to Users of their unavailability.

7. The Company has no responsibility for the color differences that may exist in the display of its products in the online store that may be due to various reasons and settings of the user's electronic equipment (monitors, graphics cards, etc.)

8. The Company has no liability whatsoever for any technical problems that may arise to Users when attempting to access the Website and / or the Online Store and during and relating to the operation or compatibility of their own infrastructure by using site or e-shop.

9. The Company makes every effort to ensure the smooth operation of its Network, but in no case warrants that the operation of the www.yellowpillow.gr website of its servers and / or third-party websites through which its content is transmitted will be uninterrupted and / or orderly, free of viruses and the like. Therefore, the Company does not bear any responsibility for any damage that may be caused to the Users of the Site or to third parties and which will be related to the operation of the above.


Intellectual Property Rights

1. This site is the official online store of the Company. All content on the site (including but not limited to: texts, graphics, photos, digital phonographs, programs, source code, news, articles, information, data, layouts, trademarks, company names and services) is the intellectual property of the Company and / or its affiliates and is protected by the applicable national, Community and international sional property and is available to users for private (non-profit or commercial) use.

2. Any reproduction, analogue / digital recording and mechanical reproduction, distribution, transfer, storage, processing, republication, transmission, distribution, sale, resale, publication, execution, download, translation, modification in any way, disseminate, create derivative work, or mislead the public about the real provider of the Website's Content. Any reproduction, re-issue, upload, communication, dissemination, transmission or any other use of the Content in any manner or medium for commercial or other purposes, in part or in whole, is permitted only upon prior written consent of the Company or any other copyright holder. The Company reserves for all its legal and / or contractual rights other than those expressly mentioned herein.

3. All trademarks, insignia, product names, company names, graphics, images, logos and distinctive features representing the Company's trademark online store or third parties and their products or services are trademarks of the Company or third parties protected by the relevant trademark laws and Community and international laws. Their appearance on the website should in no way be construed as a transfer or assignment of a license or right to use them.


Accept Terms of Use

1. From the use of the www.yellowpillow.gr website, it is presumed that you agree to all the terms on this site and the reading of the present text is required prior to the use of our services and the submission of any order of services or products and in addition your consent and the full and unconditional acceptance of the terms listed, expressed, certified and stated responsibly using the presentation and any other link that may result in ordering a service or using the of the Company's sites, and is deemed to be your signature in this text.

2. It is forbidden to use the online store by minors (people under the age of 18) and by persons lacking legal capacity. Upon registration, the User declares that he / she is an adult and has legal capacity, and is committed not to permit the use of his or her data by minors or persons legally incapacitated. In the event that such access is detected, the User is solely responsible.

3. Any online ordering of services is sent to the Company via the Internet if and only if the User has previously unconditionally accepted the aforementioned terms of agreement as a further proof that the User has been fully aware of the terms and agreed unconditionally with them.