Pillow Manufacture

In our workshop we manufacture everything that is relevant to the pillows and furnishing fabric.

Our workshop has been specializing in the manufacture and manufacture of all kinds of pillows custom made to your needs.

  • Manufacture of sleeping pillows of all kinds.

  • Manufacture of decorative sofa cushions in all stitch designs (caramel, round etc) and in all sizes.

  • Construction of chair cushions, but also chair covers

  • We renew your living room with sofa covers and a new padding for your sofa pillows. We also undertake the stitching of the sofa cushions

  • Manufacture of pillows for your build and wooden benches, pallets and all garden furniture as well as pillows for beach-pool loungers.

  • Manufacture of cushions for all types of boats with materials of special specifications.

  • Construction - pillow seam for all bamboo salons.

  • Manufacture of floor pillows and pillows in the dimensions and designs you want.

  • Making cushions for bed and bed to convert your bed.

At our store you will find a wide variety of European fabrics for all-purpose furnishings, but you can also bring yourself your own fabric. Contact us